Do you offer student or group discounts?

The Vargo Mega App and the Coexisting Diseases & Surgery App are sold through Google Play Store/Android, and Apple App Store/IOS. ⁣
These two app stores permit us to do two things, in regards to selling our apps:⁣

1. We are permitted to set the selling price of each of our apps. ⁣
– At times we create a “sale” on an app by temporarily decreasing the selling price. ⁣
– We try to have those sales in May and November and announce them on social media.⁣

2. Both app stores offer 100 free trial promo codes for our apps with each update to the app.
– These promo codes give the potential app buyer the opportunity to review the app, before deciding to buy it. ⁣
– These promo codes do not accumulate, meaning we only have 100 at the most of each app, at any given time. ⁣
– We encourage folks to take advantage of the single-use trial promo codes when they’re available.⁣