Pedi Anesthesia App
New equipment and weight based drug calculation table is being added to Pedi Anesthesia. It is extremely detailed. Nothing out there is even close. The droid version and the version within the Mega App will receive the update.

The separate “Pedi Anesthesia” app and “Adult Anesthesia” app for the iPhones can not be updated or re-downloaded because the Apple App store has a new strict medical calculation policy medical apps. They were both removed (among many other medial apps) and more are still being removed monthly one by one. They will soon be sold from this site (outside of the Apple App store) and downloaded directly to your iPhone.

A large OB Regional Anesthesia app is in the works. It simplifies OB Regional like no other textbook.

Regional Anesthesia with Ultra Sound Videos :
Vargo Anesthesia will be adding a regional block app with the assistance of a CRNA who teaches regional anesthesia nationally.

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