Is Coexisting Diseases & Surgery App included in Mega App?

No. These two apps are sold separately in the Apple iTune App Store and Google Play Store for $99…and well worth the price given the content. (For reference, here’s what’s included in the Mega App.)
We encourage folks to take advantage of our 28 day trial promo codes when they’re available, to determine if the apps are worth purchasing. ⁣⁣

What is the difference between the Mega App and the Coexisting Diseases & Surgery App?⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

Mega App is 17 medical apps bundled into 1 large app!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣It contains quick and detailed information in the ⁣CARE and management of the patient in the obstetric, pediatric, trauma, surgical, critical care, emergency, and anesthesia setting.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Coexisting Diseases & Surgery App is a quick and concise resource. It provides a solid KNOWLEDGE BASE  of pathophysiology, diagnostic, ideology, and treatment of diseases, as it pertains to the surgical patient.⁣ It’s also an awesome resource for professionals in various medical fields!⁣⁣⁣ This app is huge, and we’re still adding content!

After I purchase an app, how much are updates?

We’re striving to make our apps the best they can be, which is why we encourage app users to send us suggestions and comments. We update our apps as often as needed, and updates are always free!

I bought the app for my Android device. How do I switch it over to my new iPhone?

Unfortunately, apps purchased from Apple and Google Play are separate products, each based on its own proprietary software, and there is no way to transfer the apps between platforms. Apps purchased from Apple will not work on an Android/Google Play device, nor will Android/Google Play apps work on an Apple device.

If you switch from an Android phone to an iPhone or vice versa, you will need to repurchase the app.

If I upgrade my phone – staying on the same platform (Apple or Android) – will I have to purchase a new app?

No. When you upgrade your phone and remain on the same platform – Apple to Apple or Android to Android –  you can move your App, including your personalized notes, to your new phone.

This article has helpful tips on doing this:

Will the individual apps that have been included in the Mega App still be updated?

Yes, content in all apps is continuously updated, and updates are free.

Do you offer student or group discounts?

The Vargo Mega App and the Coexisting Diseases & Surgery App are sold through Google Play Store/Android, and Apple App Store/IOS. ⁣
These two app stores permit us to do two things, in regards to selling our apps:⁣

1. We are permitted to set the selling price of each of our apps. ⁣
– At times we create a “sale” on an app by temporarily decreasing the selling price. ⁣
– We try to have those sales in May and November and announce them on social media.⁣

2. Both app stores offer 100 free trial promo codes for our apps with each update to the app.
– These promo codes give the potential app buyer the opportunity to review the app, before deciding to buy it. ⁣
– These promo codes do not accumulate, meaning we only have 100 at the most of each app, at any given time. ⁣
– We encourage folks to take advantage of the single-use trial promo codes when they’re available.⁣

Will my own personal notes and photos in the Mega App go away when I update the app?

You can individualize the Mega App with your own notes, documents, or photos in OB Regional, Drugs/Drips, Pediatric Procedures, and Adult Case Tips.

Your notes will not be overwritten during updates if you have your Apple or Google iCloud set on your device to back up your saved files!

I can’t find information on a particular disease!

Please contact us if there’s a disease or file you’d like information on that’s not yet available in the app. We’ll create a new file for a future app update.