CAGB for Anesthesia

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Step by step from pre-op to post op:
Explains what to do from the beginning
Setting up the room
What the surgeon is doing
What the surgeon will do next
When and what drugs to give
Coming off bypass

CABG Meds and Drips:
About the drugs you will push
Cardiac and other drips you will need to know
How to mix the drips and doses
Pre-calculated drip rates per Kg
Simplified Notes and Facts
CABG notes you will never get in school
Over 60 topics from recent CABG and Anesthesia Cardiac Books
CABG Research facts and statistics
What Others Do

From a list of experienced cardiac anesthesia providers:
What drips they prefer coming off bypass
Their experiences coming off bypass
Why and when they prefer certain drips

CABG Images
Graft images for a better understanding

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