Vargo Anesthesia was created by Matt Vargo CRNA, who presently works in North and South Carolina. Matt has a BS in Respiratory Care from Indiana University of PA, a BSN from Carlow University and an MSN from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Prior to the field of anesthesia, he worked as a neonatal and adult respiratory therapist, a neonatal and trauma nurse and ECMO technician. His first professional paper was published after he invented a pilot balloon line repair kit.

He has travelled and gained work experience in over 25 different facilities. While working at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center in Spartanburg SC, Matt was encouraged by Dr Charese Pelham to convert the hundreds of pages of anesthesia drug, drips and anesthesia case tip notes in his Blackberry to an anesthesia app. At that time, mobile apps and iPhones were primitive. He was initially hesitant, but Dr. Pelham eventually convinced him, and that contributed to birth of Vargo Anesthesia, Inc.

After 5 years of dedication and countless hours, Vargo Anesthesia has become the primary leader in anesthesia mobile apps. Within 4 years, Vargo Anesthesia had 5 of the top eight selling anesthesia apps sold by Apple. Today, Vargo anesthesia has close to 20 apps and growing.

At that point, it made perfect sense to combine the apps into one Mega App. Today, the #1 selling Mega App consists of 10 anesthesia apps, with more additions coming soon.

Future Updates (free)
Regional Anesthesia Blocks with Ultra Sound Videos
OB Regional Anesthesia
Co-Existing Diseases
Anesthesia Board Review Notes

Special Thanks
Special thanks is warranted to the experienced anesthesia providers who volunteered and edited many of the pediatric and adult case tips. If it were not for these anesthesia providers who sit and manage these cases, the app would not be realistic and up to date.












I am an anesthesia provider with experience in over 25 medical facilities. Everywhere I go I witnessed anesthesia and other health care providers struggle to retrieve quick information in times of need. My goal is not to just create an app with the needed information, but to create an app that is extremely simple and easy to navigate.

After creating multiple top selling anesthesia apps, I decided to combine them to create a “Mega App.”
The Mega App is a user friendly anesthesia app that provides a quick reference for:
Adult weight based calculated drugs
Notes and drug dosages of drugs we need to learn in anesthesia



adults and peds, drips, drugs, procedure information and management tips, CABG