Pedi Anesthesia 

Warning: This app is also already included in the Mega App. You can still purchase the individual app by clicking the link below.

 The separate Pedi Anesthesia App (iPhone/Apple version) is no longer available for download.

Pedi Anesthesia contains:
Equipment and Tables: Has pre-calculated drugs (including resuscitation) from 1-40 kg, weight appropriate airway devices, catheters, maintenance fluids and other needed equipment. Just click on your patient’s weight and all the weight based information is there.
No other existing app is as detailed.
Pediatric Case Tips: A review of over 100 pediatric procedures and how we prepare and manage them. Edited by pediatric CRNAs who sit the cases.
Pediatric Review Notes: Pediatric notes for quick review on many topics without having to open a book.
Malignant Hyperthermia for Peds: Mini app