OB Regional Anesthesia

The “OB Regional Anesthesia” mobile application simplifies anesthesia topics in obstetrics

and regional anesthesia. It is equivalent to a 500-page obstetric anesthesia book at a

fraction of the cost, all at your fingertips.

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You simply click one of the categories below and you are forwarded to other subtopics – all simplified.

Abbreviations used in OB


Anticoagulants –implications for Regional Anesthesia

Blood Patch for Post-dural Puncture

Breast Feeding Drug Info

Cervical Cerclage

Combined Spinal Epidural Dosing

Combined Spinal Epidural



Neuraxial Adjuvants

Neuraxial Anesthesia Complications and Issues

Neuraxial Contraindications

Epidurals for OB

Epidural Dosing

Epidural Test Dosing

Fetal Presentations

Labor Pain

Local Anesthetics

PCEA Pumps

Subarachnoid Block (SAB, Spinal)