Instructions to install Vargo Anesthesia Apps after your purchase

(Purchase only with iPhone)

After your payment is processed, click “Return to Merchant”

Below the Thank you, click on “Install Pedi Anesthesia”
Click “Install” for a dropbox to install the app


Then go to your phone screen and click on the app.
You will get a Untrusted Enterprise Developerwarning. Do NOT be alarmed. That warning is for all iOS apps being installed outside the app store. You just have to go to the Settings in your iPhone and hit “Trust.”
So at this time, click “Cancel” below the warning.

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Getting to the “Trust” button may vary between iOS versions. They are all still simple.
Go to “Settings” and click “General”
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Go to “Settings” and click “General”

Scroll  down and click  “Device Management.”   You may already see “Vargo Anesthesia” next to it.
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Click on “Vargo Anesthesia Inc”

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Click “Trust Vargo Anesthesia”



Now you can open the Vargo App